Il seme sotto la neve. Per una lettura pedagogica di Ignazio Silone

  • Angela Arsena


The literary production of Ignazio Silone, placed in the heart of the pre-war period and in a political and existential condition that sees him as an exile from Italy, becomes an occasion for a pedagogical reflection related to a possible moral resistance. This resistance, like a seed under the snow (to use a a Silonian metaphor), seems to have been planted with prophetic and Christian foresight, with the purpose of being rediscovered today, advantaged by a contemporaneity that deserves to come quickly out of a renewed winter of values. The essay re-reads some of Silone’s works in the light of the current ethical and socio-political dynamics, underlining the importance of the return to a reflection that can combine history – understood as the dynamics of the facts really happened – and narrative – intended as a story of the plausible – , in search of a new hermeneutic of the human, explicitly and implicitly oriented to the paideia.