Verso una nuova stagione del potere di punire? Il posto della prigione

  • Jole Orsenigo


In a paper of theoretical nature – based upon the historical and philosophical thoughts of Michel Foucault and those of the Italian education philosopher Riccardo Massa – my intention is to set up the conditions for a re-moralization of the action of punishing. If it is true that the modern concept of justice requires a full set of extra-judicial experts like psychologists, criminologists... and also educators, I believe that a new opportunity to educate in prison will be possible only when actions against the Law will be evaluated with moral judgment and moral responsibility. If it is true that prison is the last modern punishment, I believe that we have to re-discover all the other forms of punishment, which the enlightened reformers like Beccaria knew very well. Restorative-justice might be one of them.